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  If you are on the quest to improve your sexual skills for the greater sexual satisfaction of  your partner and yourself, you should not underestimate the effect of toning, and learning expertise over your love muscles.  
Exercise with the right tool will strengthen your vagina, and teach you willful control over this essential muscle that will give you and your partner huge amounts of pleasure. 



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  Effective training with the Jade Eggs will result in your ability to squeeze and tighten your vagina around your partner’s penis, making him feel "bigger" and more sensitive to your movements, while heightening your own clitoral-vaginal sensations. 
You will better be able to feel the G-spot that his penis touches when he uses his own pelvic muscles which will lead to feeling deep orgasms and multiple vaginal orgasms even for the first time. 

You will be capable of giving and receiving far more pleasure than you ever did. Any doubts will be erased from your mind.


You will better be able to feel the G-spot   Some experts, after thorough training with the Jade Eggs in their various sizes and weights, are able to lift up to 25 pounds with their vaginal muscles. 
After gaining proficiency in the manipulation of one precious instrument, you may soon learn to manipulate two eggs at once in different directions, creating an exciting vibration when they touch each other.  

Imagine what this feels like for your partner when you practice your newfound learning on his penis.  
He will worship your superwoman expertise.  We guarantee he will be happy to feel the difference.  
He may find it sexy to help you practice the next time.  

  This little gem-like tool will exponentially increase the excitement of sex for you and your partner. It is truly pleasurable to exercise with such an advanced innovation devoted to the purpose of the intensification of the sexual experience.








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