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   Originally exercise with precious stone eggs were created to improve a woman’s personal health both physically and spiritually, since the exercises concentrate on the area of the body believed to contain the Chi, or creation energy.  

   The process was thought to lift the sexual energy inward and upward where it would be transformed into higher spiritual energy.  Women who trained experienced empowerment, healing and personal strength as well as remarkable sexual vitality.

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     Well-being is composed of good physical health and a positive self-image.  Your sexual health is central to overall enjoyment of life and your confidence in your capabilities.

  You will feel enhanced capacity for giving and receiving deep and satisfying pleasure.  Your own sexual sensitivity and responsiveness will be greatly heightened.  You may even experience multiple vaginal orgasms for the first time. 

  Experience will tighten and tone your vagina, increasing pleasure for you and your partner.  Mastery of these sexual techniques and control over your muscles will allow you to make an art out of lovemaking. 

   Virtuosity in giving extreme pleasure to yourself and your partner is within your reach!



   All doubts will be erased from your mind.  For those seeking to enhance your health and well-being, enjoyable training sessions with the beautiful Jade Eggs will teach you empowerment through the improvement of your sexual skills.





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