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   Just as we exercise the rest of our bodies in order to remain in good physical shape, we forget that we need to exert similar effort on the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to maintain our sexual fitness. 

It is easy to improve your sexual health, healing and preventing the debilitating problems caused by weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.  The good condition of a woman's sexual organs is essential to living a healthy, pleasurable life. 

   The vaginal and pelvic floor muscles easily heal and restore their healthy function with effective training with the right instrument.  

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The Jade Eggs, remarkable and pure tools, offer a training experience with multiple health benefits.

   These start with learning control and virtuosity over your vaginal muscles, healthy genital tone, and a heightened vaginal sensitivity.  Use will encourage healing and rejuvenation for health and well-being that will influence all aspects of your life.

   Exercise is for anybody and everybody, at ALL AGES.  It is never too early or too late to train yourself and improve your sexual health.  Exercising is not strenuous aerobic activity.  It can be enjoyable and relaxing when done at your own rhythm.

   Exercising increases blood flow into the vaginal area which enables the regeneration of sexual sensitivity, and the tightness of a youthful vagina.  Vaginal exercise encourages the natural flow of hormones that delay aging, and contribute to youthful skin and healthy genital tone.

  Good health in the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are essential to easy childbirth and full recovery.  When strong, the vaginal muscle is elastic and allows for the passage of the baby, recovering with resiliency.

   After childbirth, many women experience a stretching of the vagina and sometimes nerve loss resulting in decreased vaginal sensitivity and tightness, a difference that diminishes pleasure for you as well as your partner. 

 Mothers who have experienced multiple births will feel the greatest difference, as they regain remarkable tightness and vaginal sensitivity while exercising with the right tool. 
   Exercise with the Jade Eggs will be an easy, and efficacious way to tone your vaginal muscles, and lead to enhanced sexual sensitivity.  

   This will contributes to your experience the many joys of living a healthy life, from giving birth to intimacy with your partner.








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