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      Only the greatest consideration and care has been put into creating the Jade Eggs Exercise.  The best material for exercising is one that is smooth and poreless to maintain hygiene.  

   The smooth surface lets the egg glide easily into the vagina.  Holding the egg will allow it to immediately take on your body temperature. The Jade Eggs are pure and natural tools to give you the best possible experience.

   Jade is a luminous stone highly valued in the ancient Chinese culture for its mystical properties and healing power communicated by touch.  The Empress herself used jade eggs to maintain her longevity and the sexual energy. 

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    Using the Jade Eggs Exercise will be the biggest step you take towards experiencing a new level of well-being.

   We suggest a few minute sessions every other day, upon waking or going to bed.  Exercises can be relaxing and pleasurable, and can be experienced with your partner.  

      By employing this small, gem-like instrument, exercise will be effective and easy through the isolation of the right muscles and weight resistance for toning, healing and improving the health of your sexual organs naturally.  Detailed easy instructions are enclosed in their owner's guide.     

   The Eggs come drilled so that you may attach moderate weights onto them for a vaginal weightlifting.  However, by simply using them in the way that you feel most comfortable, you will be strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, as well as tone many other involuntary muscles

hey range in size and weight, from the largest eggs for the beginner, to the smallest eggs being the most difficult to manipulate for the expert.  

   The Jade Eggs Exercise come in three sets for different levels of virtuosity and to meet individual preference.  Please choose among them to find the right one for you.

    Gemstone quality jade would cost a demi-fortune, so in order to offer the best quality product at a reasonable price, we elected "New Jade". 
   This opulent semi-precious stone, of the serpentine family, is known for having qualities similar to jade.  
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   The Jade Eggs Exercise, with their lovely translucent glow, are encased in an elegant black jewelbox with a velveteen traveling pouch.  A thorough owner's guide describes specialized techniques for vaginal dexterity.

   The Jade Eggs may be boiled to sterilize them or just rinsed with water after use to maintain their cleanliness.  The smoothed to perfection surfaces will be a glistening proof of hygiene. 

   This semi-precious stone may even be worn as a piece of jewelry, its potency remaining hidden in its feminine and artful form.  The secret within is truly yours to discover! 




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