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We have received a lot of new testimonials in the last few weeks.  We want to thank our customers for their enthusiasm about our product. 


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The excitement of experimenting with the different sizes and techniques you have supplied me with is always new and the progress is felt right away.  Immediate benefits of using the eggs (it is the most regular exercise I do!) are permeating my whole healthy being, and our sex life is blossoming.   Id like to share my experience with others, and with you who made it possible,



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WOW!!!!!! That's about all I can say right now. 
I think that I know a little of what American women want, 
and it is not as open and feminine as European women,
I'm afraid.
Yes, I find that the eggs get HOT and retain the heat which 
is wonderful and arousing.
Yes, you'll be surprised that my skin looks enormously better, 
more moist and fading sun spots and glowing, just in the past 10 days. 
Yes, there have been frequent remarks that I appear so happy 
and confident and outgoing.

There is definitely a difference.

I knew that the problem with our love making was that my vagina had stretched and enlarged so much after two children that we now had to force ourselves to do it.
Husband Jerry was trying Viagra and other meds just to get it and to keep it up.  He was renewing interest in single women hoping for a hit to sense youthful arousal and that he was not losing his grip. It was not him.  It was me.
I was desperate. I tried numerous recommendations and remedies. None worked until surfing the web I found your Intimate Gym site. I thought maybe this would work. We laughed self consciously at first but not when I tried them, after washing and warming them in hot water. Every woman should use Jade Eggs. These eggs are extraordinary.  Exercising with them stokes the fire of my feminine being and relieves all my daily frustrations. I feel complete and glowing as a woman should.
I felt noticeable changes already on the third day of exploring with the Jade Eggs.  Jerry became very aroused just knowing that I was grooming and preparing myself for him. When I invited him to bed he quickly became enlarged, hard and strong again. Very masculine. We had wonderful sex. I could hold and caress him ever so delicately and easily within me. The arousals within me were all new and so long lasting, and Jerry felt every one of them.
 The next day Jerry brought me flowers and gifts of love. Now after a month I am feeling as cheeky and tempting as a College Junior, with an added 20 years of wise experience that is growing again in leaps and bounds. We have never been so close.  We make love, sleep and awaken each morning invigorated and bounding throughout the day with love for everyone and everything. Now Jerry awakens me at 4 am fully aroused and his beaming penis radiates brilliantly throughout me and we make the most wonderful, intimate, relaxed and passionate love until dawn.

Best of all is that the side effects are sensed in us both as a renewed vigor and passion for living and everything we do.  We feel like teenagers again. These eggs really work.
 I bought a set of eggs as a sacred gift for our daughter. She was embarrassed at first while it gave me an opportunity to talk in a very self confident way about self caring and loving, sex and soul mate love in a way that every mother and daughter should, and we could never quite do before. Of course I recommend them to all my closest friends.  

Annie C.  Newport Beach, CA



I have been practicing for couple weeks now. I am so surprised, I never had such an urge to make love as I do now and my husband loves it, he helps me to practice, we practice, we practice and we both reap the benefit from it 

Jacques Oregon



As a young woman I was always told that or at least it was driven into my head that sex was not good. I have suffered from that attitude toward lovemaking.

I have been curious and after I found your site on the net I decided to go for it and give it a try. I wanted to give myself more pleasure. So I decided to be proactive, to do something about a less than shining sex life. Now Im gaining confidence, having a wonderful time with what is becoming an enlightened love life. 

Candy D.C.


     I feel deeply grateful to have found the Jade Eggs, a purely luminous, and as I testify, a life-changing tool.  I received the Queen set for my 27th birthday from my fiancee.  At first I was just astonished by the beauty of each individual egg, holding and admiring the smoothed jade.


I bought the eggs without my husband knowing.

I have been practicing in secret.

Now I use these newly acquired skills on him.

Boy has he noticed the difference. Imagine, I had to show him the eggs.

After I did he told me that He started to be suspicious and wondered if I had a lover that was teach me new tricks. 

Betty Lou Tennessee



 It seems so far away now, but there was a period when both my wife and I would go to bed without even thinking of touching each other.  You could say that the flame had gone damp, even though we cared a great deal for one another.  Our close friends, another couple once suggested that I look into the Jade Eggs, since they were now going on their second honeymoon, after having used your product for a couple of months.  I was curious, then impressed by your site, and thought, whats there to lose?  I gave it a shot, and I will never regret it and my wife is ecstatic.  We are enjoying each other as we did when we first fell in love, and the practice with the Jade Eggs has brought us together on such an intimate level.  We have the energy and sexual libido of teenagers!  Whoever said youth is in the mind and in how you live, not in age, was a wise soul!  

MB, Oregon




This is probably an unusual letter. Since my wife started to use the jade eggs our love life has been rekindled and flourishes. I am astonished how she now is able to contract herself on different parts of my penis. I love the feeling. Shes capable of giving me what I would call for the lack of better comparison: a milking.

I am grateful that she discovered the jade eggs and had the courage to buy them and the tenacity to train with them. 

Charles San Francisco



  I had pretty much given up hopeI mean after one hard childbirth and a year of diapers and pills, I was living a life that I no longer enjoyed.  I tried Kegel exercises, but the motivation to do them was hard to keep when they are such a drag and dont work without a draconian effort.  A friend told me about the Jade Eggs, and this was the tool I needed to boost my spirits and take action.  Exercising with the lovely eggs gave me the feedback I needed to keep going, and feel my progress directly.  They have awakened me to a new enjoyment of my health and capabilities. I now know I didnt have to accept my condition as an inevitable part of agingI am in charge.  Having the right tools was a very necessary step to making the difference in such an important , no, central part of life!  I feel my youth and pleasure returned, and I am free to do what I love. 

JP, Hawai




    I often feel it is a healthy luxury to use these Jade Eggs, inspired by an intriguing ancient innovation in my own home.  When I am in locked in my bedroom, with the kids out playing, I can relax and dream that I am truly an empress while using these elegant and sexy tools.  My husband loves it when I let him insert different sizes.  We like to play with the Eggs together, even as a prelude to extraordinary lovemaking which climaxes to deep orgasms.  I was feeling like an asexual thing, being 47 years old with three kids, leaving stretching and the whole works on my body.  Nowadays, I am feeling like a sensual and desirable woman again-  I am tight again, and even my skin has improved.  Your miraculous little eggs have transformed my life- thank you!

CG, Toronto




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